Pres. Trump has attacked judges since 2016. His broadside against a sitting U.S. District Judge was remarkable, saying Judge Amy Berman Jackson was biased in some unspecified way against Roger Stone. He also attacked the foreperson of the Stone trial jury. He accused Tomeka Hart of being biased because she had previously run as a Democrat. Even though, Ms. Hart’s background was known to all before she was selected for jury duty.

A second juror has come to Ms. Hart’s defense. Seth Cousins sat on that jury. He says Ms. Hart was one of the last members to vote for conviction. He says Ms. Hart was one of the persons insisting that the rights of Defendants be respected. Mr. Cousins points out that Pres. Trump is attacking all members of the jury when he attacks Ms. Hart. The members of the jury set aside their personal lives for weeks, made arrangements with day care, just so they could perform their civic duty. And, then a public official attacks them for it. Indeed.

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