The Western District Court recently awarded attorney’s fees and costs of court in the Johnson v. Southwest Research Institute, No. 15-CV-297, matter. I previously wrote about that trial here and here. The judge awarded $535,609 in attorney’s fees and costs of the lawsuit. Included in that attorney fee figure are attorney fees ranging from $125 to $585 per hour, for five lawyers. As I mentioned perviously, the jury already awarded $550,914 in lost pay and benefits and emotional suffering type damages. The Judge previously awarded $45,000 in lost pay in the future, and $74,000 in past interest.

Remarkably, the defense again tried to re-argue the evidence at trial. The judge, however, pointed to substantial evidence supporting the plaintiff’s claims. The judge seemed annoyed that the Defendant was once again re-urging arguments already rejected three times previously.

And, all this started because one woman complained about discrimination. All the employer had to do was listen to her complaint. But, one has to add that during the litigation, SWRI fussed about things it did not need to oppose. We have to wonder how much the trial and the judge were affected by needless fussing over security clearances.