The state legislature passed a bill last month that allows law enforcement officers to question persons about their citizenship. In Texas, most law enforcement agencies do not question witnesses or persons stopped about their citizenship. The fear is such questions would hinder gathering information about crimes. The new statute would also punish heads of law enforcement agencies who do not honor detainer requests from ICE. In effect, the law allows and encourages law enforcement officers to discriminate. In Texas, the most common immigrants have brown skin. This law will have ripple effects across the state and may well affect every Hispanic in the state. This law has been described as the “show me your papers” law. Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolf testified that he fears even speaking against the new law, means he could be subjected to a fine of $25,000.

LULAC and various governments, including the City of San Antonio, have filed suit against that new law. Hearing was held in federal court here in San Antonio, this week. Judge Orlando Garcia will decide the lawsuit. But, he is already involved in a re-districting lawsuit that will consume much of his time over the next few weeks. See San Antonio Express News report.