In yet another lawsuit against Pres. Trump, three plaintiffs allege they were physically assaulted at a Louisville, Kentucky rally in 2016 when then Candidate Trump encouraged violence against the three. The three persons attended the rally to protest Mr. Trump. One of the persons who struck the protesters was Alvin Bamberger, a member of the Korean War Veterans Assoc. Mr. Bamberger was also sued. He says he did not strike anyone, but may have touched someone. He says he was inspired to take his actions by Mr. Trump.See Politico news report. That Mr. Bamberger essentially supports the plaintiffs will undermine Mr. Trump’s case.

The candidate was shouting “get ’em out of here” from the podium. The Trump attorneys deny the statement was directed toward the crowd. Sure, it wasn’t, [wink, wink].

The President is claiming immunity from suit. That surely will not work. Pres. Clinton also tried to claim presidential immunity when he was sued for events occurring before he became President and that claim was rejected. No, disingenuous statements in defending a lawsuit, when the events are so well known is not a sound tactic. I do not think this claim of immunity will fly very far. This claim reminds me of the Jon Lovitz character from SNL in the 1980’s. Tommy Flanagan, the pathological liar, would lie even when it was patently obvious he was lying. “Yea, that’s the ticket…”