Well, Donald Trump has decided to settle the case against him and Trump University. That is wise. It would look very bad for him to have this going on while he is trying to get his government together. I previously wrote about that lawsuit here. He had no choice really. That he would settle is a significant turn. According to the New York State Attorney General, he would not even offer small amounts to settle before he was elected President.

He agreed to settle these claims for $25 million. Trial was set for Monday, Nov. 28. They settled ten days before trial. Mr. Trump said he rarely settle cases, because he believes that only encourages additional lawsuits against him. The settlement benefits some 7,000 class members. The trial would have lasted weeks. See AP news report here.

A few days later, Mr. Trump tweeted that he would have easily won the trial. He only settled because he needed to focus on organizing his government. Don’t they all say much the same.