Bias is often not clear. Once, we considered a biased person anyone who wore a white, linen sheets. Now, we know better. Bias is usually not clear. Donald Trump clearly has some bias against women. But, that does not necessarily mean he treats all women the same. CBS News reached out to 84 women who used to work for Mr. Trump or one of his businesses. 43 did not respond, at all. Another 19 women said they would not respond on or off the record, positive or negative. Of the remaining 19 women, some had positive experiences, some had negative experiences. One woman mentioned that when Mr. Trump came to the building, they had to make sure they had a blonde woman, an attractive blonde woman at the front desk. Several women noted that promotion opportunities for women were limited at any Trump business, while a few said the glass ceiling was more for women who were not deemed attractive.

One woman tried to report sexual harassment by a male co-worker. But, she was told essentially that “boys will be boys.” She left her job soon afterward.

Many women had positive experiences. And, Donald Trump did start hiring some women early in the 1970’s when women still had trouble securing good jobs. A few women indicated his coarse comments about women in the Access Hollywood video was not surprising. See CBS News report here.

Like many discrimination lawsuits, Mr. Trump’s bias against women is not always clear.