Well, it almost seems like “piling on,” but Donald Trump has made yet another troubling comment about a protected minority. In 2004, he was asked about one of his high level staffers, a woman who became pregnant. The real estate developer commented on Dateline NBC that it was an “inconvenience” when a female employee becomes pregnant. It was inconvenient for any any business, he explained. See San Antonio Express News report.

Taken by itself, one could argue that the statement is simple fact. It is inconvenient for a business when a female worker becomes pregnant. But, a decision to terminate a pregnant woman without a better explanation would look suspicious. One can only wonder how Mr. Trump can say such things and not be sued at some point for discrimination.

Now, if we count up the various minorities he has picked on, we can include a person with a disability, Mexicans, Moslems, veterans who have been captured (perhaps not a legally protected minority, but still important to myself), women in general, and now pregnant women. Sometimes tongue-in-cheek, lawyers will talk about equal opportunity employers who discriminate against everyone. Are such employers truly guilty of discrimination of they have bias toward everyone? No lawyer wants to try to defend such a person. But, it does appear we now have such an employer.