Sid Miller, Texas’ new head of the Department of Agriculture, is kind of amusing. At the beginning of his term, he announced with apparent relish that cupcakes were now allowed back onto school menus. He made his announcement while biting into a very tasty looking chocolate cupcake. A few months later, he announced the fryer was allowed back into school cafeterias. I did not even know fried food had been banned. His department changes the rules, to allow fryers back. Imagine the relief I felt….

Now, he has posted on Facebook a cartoon suggesting that we should “nuke” the Moslem world. See CBS news report. Not that nuking anyone has anything to do with the Agriculture department. But, really, the whole Moslem world? What about those tens of thousands of Moslems who helped us in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? As I have mentioned here before, we could not have done what we did in those wars without some dedicated, very able Moslem interpreters. They did more than just interpret. They were cultural guides for us Americans. We knew so little about these societies we had to work so closely with. Truly, a few unknowing mis-steps here and there, and we would have had many more Americans killed by insurgents.Those interpreters saved many American lives.

And, now the cupcake guy wants to nuke every single Moslem?