Arbitration is more and more with us, all of us. Every consumer signs some arbitration agreement sometime, somewhere. Arbitration is increasingly found in the work place. Many employers require their employers to sign agreements to submit any dispute to arbitration. SCA Promotions paid a $10 million dollar bonus to Lance Armstrong years ago for winning multiple Tours de France. Part of the agreement was a provision requiring any dispute to go to arbitration. In 2005, SCA refused to pay the bonus due to the early allegations of substance abuse. Mr. Armstrong had to file suit to get his payment.

Now, SCA has gone to arbitration to get a refund. In a recent ruling, three arbitrators, in a 2-1 vote, ordered that Lance re-pay the bonus. The one arbitrator voting against the decision was the one arbitrator chosen by Lance. See Huffington Post report.

Observers are saying this is the single largest arbitration award against a individual. Mr. Armstrong plans to fight the award. But, this is arbitration. There are no appeals. There is very little “fight” available to any participant. That is the whole point of arbitration.