Three back-up dancers have filed suit against Cher. They claim she fired them because they are African-American. Cher’s tour, "Dressed to Kill," has been very successful. But, she reportedly said her back-up dancers had too much color. She allegedly told choreographer, Kevin Wilson, not to hire any more dark skinned dancers. The lawsuit was filed by three long-time dancers on her tours, Kevin Wilson, Suzanne Easter and Jacquelyn Dowlett Ballinger. The three dancers were fired last July. See CBS News report

According to their lawyer, these dancers have backed up Cher for over a decade. if so, their claims should be taken seriously. If Cher is trying to appeal to a certain audience, that will not excuse her actions. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act does not allow any retail merchant to discriminate in an effort to please some customers. Customer preference was rejected as a defense decades ago in Title VII jurisprudence.