It is always hard for celebrities to accept the basic rules of litigation, such as the witness has limited control over a deposition. In a recent deposition, Justin Bieber violates almost every rule of how to successfully testify in a deposition. He objects on his own behalf to reasonable or halfway reasonable questions, he argues with the opposing lawyer, and he makes no attempt to convey the information he may need in his defense. Mr. Bieber is also simply "bratty" in these excerpts. See Justin Bieber’s deposition excerpts here. The lawsuit stems from an incident in which a member of the paparazzi was struck by one of Mr. Bieber’s bodyguards. 

One significant mistake occurred when Mr. Bieber was asked if he had ever disciplined one of  his bodyguards.  "What" he asked.  "Am I his parent?"  In a lawsuit accusing him of not controlling his bodyguards, that is surely a critical admission.  His admission reflects his lack of preparation by his lawyer.  No one explained to him the issues in his lawsuit.  My guess is he was too busy to bother with meeting with his lawyer prior to the deposition. 

And, one cardinal rule in all depositions is do not let the opposing counsel "push your buttons."  In one exchange, the opposing lawyer asks Mr. Bieber about Selena Gomez.  Mr. Bieber warns the lawyer not to ask that question, again.  The opposing lawyer promptly asks the same question again and again, as Mr. Bieber starts raising his voice, warning the lawyer again and again. You think Mr. Bieber indicated to the opposing counsel how to push his buttons?  I do.  And, that is why Mr. Bieber will eventually pay more, not less, to resolve this lawsuit.