Jon Hyman writes about a potential fake doctor’s note in his blog, Ohio Employer Blog.  He noticed this doctor’s note at another blog, Buzzfeed.  Buzzfeed seemed to enjoy pointing out the alleged discrpancies in the note.  "Take notes of this note, people, "warned the website.  But, as Jon points out, the employer should not fire the employee simply based on this note.  Sure, there may be some reason to question the note.  But, heck, most doctors are very busy and find it hard to find the time to write these notes.  I know.  Many of my clients have described to me having to wait hours at a doctor’s office for just this sort of note, or worse, they had to wait weeks for the doctor’s staff to provide them with such a note.  Doctors do not always invest a great deal of time in drafting notes for their patients’ employer. 

So, take notes about Jon’s advice.  Double check before you fire anyone over a possible fake medical note.  It might just be a busy doctor, doing what s/he can for his patient.