This would be a tough case for any lawyer.  Capt. Francesco Schettino, who infamously sunk a ship, the Costa Concordia, is suing to get his job back.  His Italian lawyer, says he is simply doing what any Italian citizen has the right to do.  According to this report, he gave the order to sail too close to the island so as to salute a retired Costa Cruises captain.  See Digital Journal report.  Of course, he was also among the first to abandon the ship, long before most of the passengers.  An Italian Coast Guard officer fussed at him to get *#& back on the ship.  Some 30 passengers died.  I first wrote about the incident here.  

I’m not saying he could not have a case under some law somewhere.  And, sure, I have represented fired employees who were fired all out of proportion to what they did – or employees who were fired for offenses for which other employees would not have been fired.  

But, this is crazy.  What will he say, "other captains who sink their ships do not get fired"?