The "fight club" at Corpus Christi State School has resulted in a settlement.  I wrote about the "fight club" scandal at CCSS here, here and here.  The Texas state school systems house the developmentally disabled, also known as mentally retarded citizens.  The terms of the settlement were not disclosed.  See Corpus Christi Caller-Times report.  The settlement proceeds will be divided between five clients of the state school system and their guardians. 

The lawsuit included allegations that state school leaders provided inadequate supervision, staffing and security for the residents.  Four state school employees have been convicted for their roles in arranging the fights between residents.  Trial for a fifth staff person is pending.  Some of the fights were filmed by the staff, which video has now served as evidence in the criminal trials.  Sometime soon, we need to start funding state schools at a more robust level, so the system can hire and train better staff.