Jurors in San Antonio federal court rejected an African-American’s claim that she was subjected to discrimination.  The EEOC represented Mary Johnson in her suit against A.A. Foundries, makers of components for water wells.  The employee had a picture of a noose she was exposed to, but that was not enough for the jury.  The plaintiff and others claimed that management did nothing about the noose.  She also claimed that a supervisor frequently used the n- word. The jury found against the plaintiff. 

The suit started as a larger lawsuit on behalf of four workers.  But, the judge separated Ms. Johnson’s suit since she was the only one to see the noose. There were no blacks on the jury of six persons and one alternate.  See San Antonio Express News report

The lawyer for the company said the noose was a "joke" and the worker who did that was an "idiot."  He said the noose was taken down as soon as management became aware of it. Trial on behalf of three other workers is still to come.

I am not surprised that a jury with no blacks found against an African-American employee.  Many federal court juries do not have any African-Americans.  Federal juries can be anti-plaintiff anyway, but only more so when they lack a member of the aggrieved minority. .