You just cannot make this stuff up.  Dean Ernst, a Canadian software executive worked from home in Alberta.  He was from Calgary, so his two year employment contract anticipated he would move to Calgary at some point and work from there.  But, he changed that just a bit.  The business moved to Vancouver, while he stayed in Alberta saying now his family had ties there. 

He took his family to a newly purchased vacation home in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  He called in sick a few times while he was actually vacationing at their home in Mexico.  Eventually, he made the move to Mexico permanent.  He redirectd his Aberta home number to make it seem as if he was still in Alberta.  One month later he told his boss.  Mr. Ernst explained that he was now working from home in Mexico and it seemed to be working…  The boss was not happy.  But, fearful of losing a key contract, the boss waited several more months and then fired Mr. Ernst.  

Mr. Ernst sued for wrongful dismissal and lost.  See Moneyville blog for the full report.