When I was a young captain in the Texas National Guard, I had to miss Annual Training, our annual two weeks at Ft. Hood.  So, I was temporarily assigned to help the folks at the Texas National Guard Officer candidate School.  Their AT came later in the Summer.  At state OCS, we trained and commissioned young officers out of the enlisted ranks.  I was only there for two weeks, but I still recall the disparities.  Some of the OCS candidates were scared, very fearful regarding whether they would graduate.  One or two of the scared candidates were attractive young women.  I remember one of them looking at me imploringly, apparently looking for some emotional support.  I resisted the brief temptation to help her "one-on-one."  Later, another member of the staff found himself in trouble for helping that one young woman.  That male Second Lieutenant did not resist the temptation.

There is a special place in Hades for folks who take advantage of the vulnerable.  In the legal business, we have long had rules against lawyers, who used to be mostly male, from taking advantage of women going through a divorce.  Now, we see a large scandal growing at the central Basic Training facility for the Air Force: Lackland Air Force Base.  

The Basic Training Instructors are supposed to be the best.  They are all young Non-Commissioned Officers who score the highest on a wide range of measures.  They do more than just teach military skills.  They teach the Basic Trainees about life in the military.   If they suffer moral lapses, then the military as a whole suffers.  See CBS News report.