Friending Facebook Blog reports that a teacher’s aide in Michigan was fired when she refused to hand over her Facebook login information.  Kimberly Hester worked for Lewis Cass Intermediate School District in Cassopolis, Michigan.  On her own time, away from school, she posted what she believed to be a humorous picture of a co-worker with her pants around her ankles and the caption, "Thinking of you."  A parent and friend of Ms. Hester’s saw the picture and notified the school. 

The school asked Ms. Hester for her login info.  The district superintendent asked three times for her info.  Each time, Ms. Hester refused.  Finally, the district sent her a letter saying that if she would not provide the information, then they would presume the "worst" and act accordingly.  They placed the aide on administrative leave and eventually suspension.  Ms. Hester vowed to fight the action.  She says she did nothing wrong and will not disclose her Facebook information. See Friending Facebook Blog.  She believes an employer should not ask for Facebook information.  Her case is set for arbitration in May. 

Two Michigan state representatives have introduced a bill to prevent an employer from requesting this information.  They said they would include Ms. Hester’s story in the bill.