Picking a jury is never easy.  It is even harder when one potential juror does not know what she believes until her pastor tells her.  A woman was picked for the jury in a murder trial.  There would have been extensive questioning prior to the jury being finalized.  For a murder trial, I would expect jury questioning and selecting to last a day. 

Later that day, she spoke with her minister.  The minister told her she could not judge others.  She was new to the church and wanted to follow the minister’s guidance.  So, the next day she explained why she could not serve.  Her religious beliefs would not allow her to serve.  The judge, Pat Priest, a long-time Bexar County judge, expressed his frustration.  "For God’s sake, next time you’re on jury duty, find out what you believe before you’re questioned!"  

That was difficult position for the judge.  Proceeding without all 12 jurors could lead to a motion for mistrial.  The judge decided to go forward without a twelfth juror.  But, that decision involves some risk.  See San Antonio Express News report.