2LT Clovis Ray was killed in Afghanistan recently.  He grew up in Three Rivers, but here in San Antonio,  He joined the US Army at the relatively late age of 32 after many years as an investment banker.  He worked for Wells Fargo and Wachovia banks here in San Antonio before enlisting and going through Officer Candidate School.  He served in Afghanistan with the 25th Infantry Division. 

His father said he was the "best of the best."  I do not doubt it.  Anyone who would leave a well-paying job to enlist and go through OSC must have been an extraordinary person.  He left a wife and 5 year old son.  He was killed by an IED (roadside bomb) in Kunar Province.  He is also survived by his twin brother, Eddie.  2LT Ray and his brother played football for the high school in Three Rivers.  See San Antonio Express News story.  Everyone I knew who went through OCS were excellent officers.