What are the most costly Human Resources errors?  The good folks at Delaware Employment Blog mention four:

  •  Failure to engage in the interactive process required by the Americans with Disabilities Act

That is, Ms. DiBianca refers to HR’s failure to adequately consider requests for accommodation.  The employee need not mention the word "accommodation."  The employee merely need provide sufficient facts so that the employer should understand that accommodation is needed.  Even if the employer is sure an accommodation is not necessary or possible, the employer must still engage in the interactive process to explore the possibilities. 

  • Failure to maintain the public-access files for HB1 determinations
  • Failure to limit who knows about complaints of discrimination

I am still surprised to see how many employers somehow let the accused harasser learn that s/he is the subject of a discrimination complaint.

  • Failure to document employment issues or job performance problems

It takes time, but managers must document properly that they have counseled errant employees. IMO, it is an investment in all employees when you properly counsel one employee. 

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