In the law business, you really do see it all, eventually.  The City of Dallas sought an order closing a church.  The "church" apparently practiced swinging.  A church known as the Playground was closed because its outreach consisted of hosting swingers’ parties.  See Dallas Morning News report.  The owner, Wyakie Glenn Hudson claims to be an ordained minister.  Judge Molberg granted the City’s request. He closed the Playground one week after another judge refused to close a dance hall owned by the same man known as the "Darkside."  That suit is apparently still pending. 

After Judge Molberg granted the order closing the Playground, "Pastor" Hudson said that city officials did not agree with his outreach. 

The Dallas City Attorney said detectives found no evidence of religious use when they inspected the facility.  They did find topless dancers and porn movies playing on flat-screen TV’s.  Access to the Playground is free for women but $50 for men.  For an additional fee, "church-goers" have access to beds, condoms, and more porn videos in a separate room.  

The church has a certificate of occupancy as a church.  I presume that certificate may soon be revoked…..