Mandatory paid sick days for all employees is a new concept.  San Fransisco and Washington, D.C. were the first towns to try it.  Now, the state of Connecticut will try it, as well.  So far, it seems to be working.  One restaurant owner in San Fransisco says she opposed it but has been pleasantly surprised that it has worked as advertised.  Workers have limited the use of sick days.  No one has abused the sick leave.  Jennifer Piallat, a restaurant owner in San Fransisco, says she has lost perhaps $2,000 due to the new requirement – when she had feared she would lose $30,000 per year. See MSNBC report.  She says she has not had employees taking advantage of it. 

Several other cities, Denver, Seattle, Philadelphia  are considering the same requirement. Massachusetts is considering requiring seven days of paid sick leave.  The USA is one of the few industrial countries without mandatory paid sick leave.