So, Rev. Terry Jones finally did burn a Quran at his Florida church just a couple of weeks ago.  Now, Afghanistan is rioting and has killed several United Nations workers – only because this particular mob could not find any Americans handy.  Reports are that the Afghans will attack US bases.  No kidding.  I wish I could say this was a surprise.  Afghans rioted when the Danish newspaper published a cartoon about Mohammed.  They rioted when it was reported that soldiers at Guantanamo flushed a Quran down the toilet.  

When I was in Iraq, we knew there would be a spike in violence simply when issues over Israel developed.  GEN Petraeus specifically asked Pastor Jones to not burn the Quran.  It is unfortunate that some US citizens have forgotten about our soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq and have knowingly taken steps which increase their risk.  Pastor Jones has displayed his irresponsibility and callousness toward out service members