If anyone has crazier lawsuits than the US, its the Brits.  In this post by Workplace Prof, we see a picture of an employee who was caught stealing money from his employer.  The employee made out a check to himself drawing on company funds and cashed it.  Do not try this at home, but the employer then paraded the miscreant through the town and to the police station displaying a sign proclaiming his thievery.  The owner of a flooring business, Simon Cremer, paraded Mark Gilbert through the streets of Wiltham in Essex, U.K.  

So, of course, Mr. Gilbert then later sued Cremer for humiliation and two years of lost earnings.  The case settled with Cremer paying 5,000 pounds in damages and 8,000 pounds in court costs.  

I think such a lawsuit would not do nearly that well, here.  Many members of the juries I have heard from would have no tolerance for a thief – despite the perp parade.  But, I would advise any employer not to take that chance…..