I love lawsuits and everything a lawsuit represents.  Anyone can file any lawsuit anytime.  Subject to a few consequences for those of us who get too crazy.  In many countries, that is not the norm, at all.  

In Los Anglees, one restuarant customer filed suit because he was forced to eat rice at a sushi restaurant.  The restaurant, Studio City offered a deal: $28 for all the sushi you can eat.  David Martin liked that deal, but he only wanted the raw fish (sounds so yummy…).  So, really, what he wanted was the all you can eat sashimi, which is just raw fish.  Mr. Martin is diabetic and must restrict his carbohydrates.  But, the owner Jay Oh insisted he could not fill up only on the fish.  See Los Angeles Times news report.  

Mr. Oh offered to prepare two orders of sashimi for $25, but Mr. Martin was not satisfied. He left the restaurant after being charged ala carte for the sushi and a green tea.  

Mr. Martin sued for discrimination on the basis of his disability, Type 2 Diabetes.  He claims $4,000 in damages.  Mr. Oh says he will fight to the end.  The plaintff’s attorney says they do not seek money but a chnage in policy at the restaurant.  

Mr. Oh says he would go broke offering endless raw fish and no rice for $28.  But, I am wondering why people want to eat raw fish and then sue when they are prevented from eating raw fish….