So, you burglarize someone’s home.  If you are also a Facebook user, you might just post a picture of yourself with your ill-gotten gains on FB.  That’s what one burglar did.  See report.  The burglar stole money, an ipod, a laptop and a man’s new winter coat from the home of Marc Fisher, a reporter for the Washington Post.  So, of course, the burglar posted a picture of himself wearing the new winter coat, cash in hand on Marc Fisher’s son’s FB page.  See Marc’s blog post.  

The son was able to get Facebook to shut down the burglar’s access to the his FB account.  But, you gotta wonder what is going on when a burglar shows off his goods to the world on the son’s Facebook account.  As one policeman said, this is not the smartest crook.  The crime occurred in Washington, D.C.  The D.C. police response has been underwhelming so far…..