Body language can tell you how your next job interview is going.  If the interviewer starts drumming her fingers, sighing, leaning back, she is irritated.  If she loses eye contact, fiddles with her fingers, then she is bored.  Watch for these clues in your next interview.  

If the interviewer leans back with her hands behind her head, she may feel condescending or superior.  If she leans forward, then she listening.  if she suddenly changes positions while listening, she may feel the need to listen to what you have to say from a different perspective.    If you observe these clues, you can re-direct your efforts during the interview.  See more at the ABA Bar Journal article.  

The experts recommend that you make eye contact as much as possible.  Do not slouch or sit on the edge of your seat.  Watch how loudly you speak and how fast you speak.