Yes, you can be fired for reasons beyond your control.  I tell that to potential clients all the time, but they do not seem to believe me, sometimes.  One man, Sam Salazar, dated a woman for two years before they broke up.  He started caling her so often at work that she was fired.  He then started calling her at her new job sometimes more than a 1,000 times a day.  He would tell whoever answered the phone to tell his former girlfriend that he loved her.  See San Antonio Express News report

The woman applied for a protective order from the Bexar County District Attorney’s office in April, but was turned down.  That probably means she asked the DA’s office to seek a protective order for her.  But, the DA’s office did send Mr. Salazar a letter warning him to quit calling the woman or face criminal charges.  

Sam Salazar continued with his calls even at her new job.  So, he has been arrested for telephone harassment by the San Antonio Police department.