Some of our best and brightest join the military.  Some of the best of the best are lost to the war.  SGT Cesar Ruiz was one such Marine.  He joined, did his four years and got out.  He left the Marines because his wife, Kimberly, wanted him to avoid another tour in the two wars.  See San Antonio Express News report.  He went from active duty to the Individual Ready Reserve.  The IRR is subject to call-ups.  In 2008, Cesar Ruiz was called up.  Kimberly was not happy.  Soon afterward, he received a second letter providing him the opportunity to avoid this call-up.  

This second letter was the answer to her prayers, says Kimberly.  She was thrilled.  Until she saw Cesar’s face when he read it.  She saw in his face his desire to go and serve his country.  He would say later that he wanted to go so his young son would not have to go.  

She could not hold him back.  He went, a Combat Engineer.  He was killed in Afghanistan within a month.  Now, Kimberly will jog in the Marine Corps marathon in Washington, D.C.  Not an athlete at all, she perseveres because, as she says, no matter how bad it will be it will not be as bad as the pain SGT Ruiz felt. 

Military service is not for everyone.  It is for those who will not stand by while others do nothing.  A hero is really nothing more than someone who does something because others do nothing.