Facebook has many uses.  Now, it has helped solve a crime.  A San Antonio child wrote on her mother’s Facebook wall that she had been molested.  See San Antonio Express News report.  The message alleged that a man had touched her under her clothes twice in August.  The mother confronted the man.  He then attacked the mother and the child.  Police were called.  The man was arrested.  But for the message on the Facebook wall, the police might never have learned of the sexual assault.  The man has been charged with sexual assault of a child. 

Jorge Pena, an assistant professor at University of Texas at San Antonio in communications, explains that the girls’ outcry should not be unexpected.  Most people "friend" people they know, leading to the creation of a tightly knit community online.  

San Antonio police have already had some success with Facebook.  They captured a criminal suspect on their Top Ten list when a Facebook wall posting suggested that he would appear at a particular night club for his birthday.   Eric Dishong was wanted for suspicion of theft, theft of a firearm and burglary of a vehicle.  Now, he sits in a San Antonio jail.