Trial lawyers treat jurors with kid gloves.  We are extra polite, extra respectful in regard to those citizens who perform their civic duty without complaint.  The pay is low, yet their service is invaluable.  But, what do you say when a juror violates one of the basic  requirements of jury duty?  A trial is a serious thing.  When the defendant could go to prison or worse, it is even more serious.  Yet, during one criminal trial, a member of the jury posted on her Facebook wall that she looked forward to finding the defendant guilty.  She posted this comment while the trial was till ongoing.  See report.  The son of the defense lawyer saw the comment and told his mom.  The mother defense lawyer told the judge.  The judge removed the Facebook poster from the jury and replaced her with an alternate. 

Was the jury member listening to the whole trial with an open mind?  Was she ready to listen to the defendant’s evidence, which always comes last?  We hope so, but her Facebook comments suggest otherwise. 

The juror was removed form the trial soon enough not to cause a mistrial.  But, the juror may well be found in contempt.