The work place can be a very dangerous place.  Workplace Prof presents a scenario that concerns another unnamed professor.  See post.  Workplace refers to another blog at:  Well, since Dean Dad posted the original post at his blog, Community College Dean, Dean Dad has taken back down the post at the request of the original professor.  I bet he did ask that it be taken down.

The kernel of the story remains:  Student takes class from Prof last year. After class is over, student and Prof date and have brief affair.  Affair ends badly.  Student takes another class from unnamed Prof.  Student demands an "A" or else she will reveal all.  The original post by Dean Dad solicited recommendations on what Prof should do.  After a few days, Dean Dad took down the original post. 

If Prof drops the student, then he will be accused of reprisal.  If she does not get an "A," then student will reveal the forbidden affair to the school.

Dean Dad’s advice, now removed, was that Prof should tell the school about the affair and remove student’s leverage.  That is surely the best advice.  

Another word of advice, don’t date students even after the class is over.  The advice pertains to others, as well.  In the military, for example higher ranking officers or NCO’s should not date younger officers or NCO’s even if they are not in your chain of command.  They may be in a different unit today but they could be in your chain of command in a month or a year.  Same advice applies to folks in the civilian sector.  Just another employee today could be your employee next year.