One thing many of my clients overlook is that employers really are human.  Yes, they did some terrible things to you and to others.  They have been insensitive or worse, sometimes much worse.  But, often, the employer making decisions in a lawsuit are far removed from the terrible crimes.  Often, the senior manager simply never saw that side of "Joe Abuser" and cannot believe it.  Sometimes, Senior Manager does not know Joe Abuser directly.  But, Senior knows and trusts Middle Manager who vouches for Joe Abuser.  

You see some of this in Michael Maslanka’s entry about his mom.  Mike represents employers mostly.  In this entry, he tries to teach his clients to try to see the point of view of the possibly  abused employee.  He refers to issuing an After Action Report to his clients and educating them on how to void paying out another zillion dollar settlement.  

Keep that in mind the next time you engage is filing a grievance or lawsuit.  The failure of management to appreciate how strong your claim is may not be due to even more abuse.  It may simply be due to misplaced trust.  

Happy Mother’s Day to you moms…..