Wal-Mart has settled Department of Labor claims that many workers were mis-classified as exempt.  Exempt workers are not paid overtime.  4500 workers were part of the suit.  The settlement includes $4.8 million in unpaid overtime wages.  See Workplace Prof Blog.  As Workplace Prof mentions, Wal-Mart seems to always be in violation of one workplace

In a recent decision, the US Supreme Court ruled that the Fair Labor Standards Act does indeed provide protection for employees who complain or ask about wages orally.  The federal courts have disagreed on this issue for decades.  They all agreed that the FLSA protected employees who complained in writing about wages.  But, several

It was bound to happen sooner or later.  A lawsuit has been filed over the employer’s requirement to check email after hours.  More and more employers are issuing Blackberries and their equivalent to employees with the stated or implicit understanding that the employee check email after hours.  Such a requirement runs right into the Fair

One would think that law firms would follow the law.  Well, sometimes, its is more the opposite.  A medium sized Ohio law firm is sued for wage violations in its office.  The firm pays salary to secretaries and never pays overtime.  Lazzaro Law Firm in Cleveland represents some 40 secretaries in a class action law