Dr. Ricardo Romo, President of the University of Texas at San Antonio, has been placed on leave immediately. The school has not offered an explanation for the sudden leave. But, there is pending a complaint of sexual harassment against the President by two employees. The two employees had been fired and apparently complained the termination

Many, if not all discrimination cases, require that the employee compare him/herself to other employees. It is simply the nature of employment lawsuits that a victim alleges s/he was treated differently than others. To make that allegation, the employee must seek documents and records concerning his/her fellow employees. So, it is no surprise that Coach

Well, she said she would and now she has.  Coach Bev Kearney filed suit against the University of Texas alleging race discrimination.  She has filed suit alleging discrimination based on race and gender.  I previously wrote about her EEOC charge here and here.  In her lawsuit, she claims that she was treated differently than

The lawyer for Bev Kearney, former track coach at the University of Texas, says they will file suit, soon regarding her EEOC complaint.  Coach Kearney won six national titles in track at UT.  Her EEOC complaint alleges discrimination based on race, gender and retaliation.  She was suspended because school officials discovered she had had a

Coach Bev Kearney, the former track and field coach for the women’s team at the University of Texas, was forced out in 2012.  It was discovered that she had once had a relationship with a student-athlete in 2003.  According to her lawyer, Derek Howard, UT has a culture allowing such relationships.  Mr. Howard claims they