Coach Briles has been sued along with Baylor University. Various female plaintiffs allege the school did not protect them from sexual assaults. The lawsuit is based on Title IX which requires equal facilities for female students.  This week, Coach Briles filed a motion asking to be dismissed from the lawsuit. Among the reasons why he

A school district has ceased having father-daughter dances and mother-son baseball games.  Apparently, they were deemed to conflict with Rhode Island statute prohibiting gender based discrimination.   See ABA Bar Journal report.  The school canceled the activities after one mother complained because her daughter does not have a father and could not attend the

Surina Dixon was hired by Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas to coach women’s basketball.  She quit her job in Tennessee and moved to Texas with her husband in 2008.  She noticed soon after she arrived that the new men’s basketball coach was paid $148,000 while she was to be paid only $75,000.  She complained.