Some folks think discrimination is over. They believe there is no more “true” bias among us, these days. Well, that is not true. The Dallas Independent School District has demonstrated that bias among upper management is still with us. The head of the Dallas ISD Human Resources department has resigned, as has one of her

Jon Hyman, a defense lawyer, posts a nice piece about accommodating employees’ religious requirements.  He discusses how not to provide religious accommodations: Disneyland refusing to allow a Muslim worker to wear a hijab, Burger King denying a Pentocostal employee’s request to wear a skirt instead of pants, and a New York University firing a worker

A San Antonio man was awarded $263,000 in a religious discrimination lawsuit.  Steven Hecht worked three years at Million Air San Antonio, a small plane servicing firm.  Million Air would mix religion and business routinely.  The owner, Mark Fessler, told Mr. Hecht to fire two employees because the Lord told Mr. Fessler they should be

The Department of Justice has filed suit against a school district in Illinois, near Chicago, because the school refused to allow a Moslem teacher time off to go on the Hajj.  The Hajj is a requirement for Moslems who are financially and physically able.  They make a trip to Mecca and pray.  It is said