Nicholas v. San Antonio Water System

The Texas Supreme Court reversed the jury decision in Nicholas v. SAWS. See decision here. The result is not surprising. The Texas Supreme Court frequently reverses jury verdicts in favor of victims of discrimination. The court found that Debra Nicholas did not have a reasonable belief that she was opposing discrimination when she

Oral arguments in the case of Nicholas v. SAWS were heard recently. The Defendant appealed the matter to the Texas Supreme Court after losing before the Fourth Court of Appeals. See my prior post about that appeal here and here. In the oral arguments, the defense attorney, Rachel Ekery, said the harassment by the

SAWS has decided to appeal the ruling by the Fourth Court of Appeals regarding its million dollar jury verdict.  I wrote about that appellate ruling here.  SAWS has hired former Chief Justice Wallace Jefferson to represent it before the Texas Supreme Court.  Even before he became Chief Justice, Mr. Jefferson was one of the

SAWS (San Antonio Water System) recently lost the apeal of their million dollar loss in Bexar County distirict court.  I previously wrote about that appellate decision here.  

That defense has cost SAWS $492,000 over four years.  This amount includes the trial, the appeal and the EEOC charge.  See San Antonio Express News report

In 2012, a Bexar County jury awarded a former SAWS employee $1.6 million in damages in a retaliation lawsuit.  Debra Nicholas had opposed possible discrimination by her employer, San Antonio Water System in 2006.  Her job was eliminated in 2009.  SAWS claimed her job was eliminated as part of a re-organization.  But, her job was

A Bexar County jury awarded a former employee of San Antonio Water Systems $1.6 million in state district court.  The former SAWS employee alleged she had been fired after she reprimanded the Vice-President for Communications because he asked a female employee to lunch.  See San Antonio Express News report.  Debra Nicholas had been special