The New York City Bar Associaition has isssued an ethics opinion finding that lawyers may research potential jurors’ backgrounds on social media sites.  But, the lawyer or his staff may not contact the juror and must avoid actions that might allow the juror to know the research is being conducted.  For example, a law office

Defamation cases are very difficult in the employment context.  In Texas, the employer is protected by what is referred to as a "qualified privilege."  The qualified privilege means the alleged victim of the statement must show the speaker acted with actual malice.  Actual malice means the speaker knew or should have known the statement was

Judges always tell jurors not to do their own legal research during a trial.  A jury is supposed to use the legal terms provided by the court.  Our judicial system relies on legal standards that are known to both sides, defense and prosecution.  The two sides to any trial will devote considerable time and energy