Donald Trump and Chef Jose Andres have settled Mr. Trump’s lawsuit. I previously wrote about this lawsuit here and here. Then Candidate Trump sued Chef Andres when he refused to follow through on a commitment to open a restaurant in Mr. Trump’s new hotel in Washington, D.C. Chef Andres, a celbrity in his own right, felt that Candidate Trump’s comments in 2015 about Mexican immigrants caused harm to his business and made opening the restaurant more difficult. So, he refused to follow through on a commitment to open a restaurant. See CBS news report.

The Chef offered to settle a few times before this. It appears the President finally accepted his offer.

Not one, but two chefs backed out of agreements to open restaurants in Donald Trump’s Washington, D.C. hotel. I previously wrote about celebrity chef Jose Andres here. Also, Geoffrey Zakarian backed out of a similar deal. Donald Trump sued both. Both backed out after he disparaged Mexican immigrants. Both chefs claim they would have trouble hiring staff and attracting patrons after such remarks. Donald sued, as he often does. Mr. Trump is set to be deposed in Mr. Andres’ lawsuit next week. See CBS news report.

Both chefs have talked settlement with Mr. Trump. But, no agreement has been reached. The President-elect has tried to postpone the deposition. But, it is his lawsuit. He cannot file a lawsuit and then complain that the rules are not convenient for him.

Donald Trump famously said Mexican immigrants are rapists and criminals. This was early in his campaign. The chef at his then new hotel in Washington, D.C., found those remarks offensive. Chef Jose Andres backed out of his written agreement planning the new hotel. Mr. Trump filed suit for breach of contract. Now, the chef has insisted on an opportunity to depose Mr. Trump. Mr. Andres is Spanish-American. He was born in Spain. He owns restaurants all across the U.S. He is a celebrity in his own right.

The President elect has been trying to avoid the deposition. But, the judge refused. He ordered the new President to appear for his deposition. The judge ruled he must appear for his deposition the first week of January. In a lawsuit of this sort, Mr. Trump’s remarks are center piece of the lawsuit. Of course, he must be deposed.

And, really, it is Mr. Trump’s lawsuit. As I sometimes have to remind my clients, if you pick the forum, then you must abide by the forum’s rules. See CNN news report.

Mr. Andres has suggested they settle their differences and make a donation to a charity. Mr. Andres tweeted his suggestion. But, so far, the incoming world leader insists on going to trial.