Among the many forces unleashed in the past year or so is anti-Semitism. Bomb threats against Jewish Community Centers, the place where many people, Jewish and otherwise, find rumba lessons, tennis lessons and basketball. More than 100 JCC’s across the country have been the targets of bomb threats. Two Jewish cemeteries have been vandalized. Two

It was a simple question. The reporter just wanted to know what the President would do about an increase in anti-Semitic activity. But, the President, perhaps feeling defensive already, accused the Jewish reporter of asking an unfair question. He explained why he is not prejudiced against Jewish persons. But, that was not the question. If

In 2006, Mel Gibson ranted and raved when a Los Angeles County deputy stopped the actor for drunk driving.  Mr. Gibson infamously accused the deputy, James Mee, of being Jewish.  Turns out, the actor was correct.  Deputy Mee is Jewish.  The actor sputtered other anti-Jewish diatribes.  "The Jews are responsible for all the wars in