Well, the “toughest” sheriff was found guilty of contempt. Sheriff Joe Arpaio targeted Hispanics in his traffic stops. He ignored an order from a U.S. District Judge to stop targeting Hispanics. His office did not stop for another 18 months. During his trial, he claimed his lawyer did not explain the judge’s order to him

The Seventh Circuit in Chicago has issued a remarkable decision,. In Ortiz v. Werner Enterprises, Inc., No. 15-2574, the three judge panel overturned a series of cases regarding a so-called “convincing mosaic” test. The decision starts as a normal three judge panel decision discussing Mr. Ortiz and his summary judgment. The lower court granted

People file complaints with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission everyday.  In the 2011 fiscal year, some 9,900 charges were filed in Texas.  The charge starts with a questionnaire filled out by the employee.  An EEOC worker then prepares a charge for the complainant based on the questionnaire.  In theory, the complainant would review the proposed

Sometimes, a creative employer will defend an apparently racist decision by claiming they did not discriminate against all minorities.   We see an attempt at such a defense in Diaz, Et Al v. Kraft Foods Global, Inc., No. 10-3073 (9th Cir. 8/8/11).  Two employees alleged they were victims of anti-Hispanic discrimination when they were passed

The EEOC has filed suit against Bass Pro Shops.  The suit claims that Bass Pro discriminates against Hispanic and black applicants.  The suit appears to be built on testimony from various managers and assistant managers.  See San Antonio Express News report.  The lawsuit started with a complaint by a fomer Houston manager who says

 A colleague tells me about a woman who works at a small manufacturing facility in the Houston area.  The facility employs many Hispanic workers who speak poor English with a heavy accent. The front office folks are Caucasian.  The workers on the floor are mostly Hispanic with a few recent immigrants from Mexico.  


 This is how you get sued.  You buy an old motel, start making a lot of changes, such as: 1) telling Hispanic employees to pronounce their Hispanic names in an Anglo sort of way, 2) telling the Hispanic employees to speak English in your presence,  and 3) when they ask why, you tell them because