Against my better judgment, sometime back, I let the company representative talk to my client at a mediation. I am always interested in trying something different. The employer suggested the company rep talk directly to my client, the employee who had sued that company. Always interested in trying something different, I thought, “let’s give it

In the NFL, the older players haze the rookies.  It has been that way at least as long as there has been an NFL.  Like most rookies on the Miami Dolphin football team, Jonathan Martin, an African-American player was hazed.  Unlike most rookies (and now a second year player), he walked away from his NFL

When is a supervisor not a supervisor?  For purposes of Title VII, the U.S. Supreme Court has answered that question in a 5-4 vote and has imposed a more narrow definition.  See the decision in Vance v. Ball State Univ., No. 11-556 (6/24/13) here

The Court found that a person is a "supervisor"

I have written here before that high dollar verdicts often indicate a jury became angry about a lawsuit.  In Velez v. Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp., the jury awarded $250 million in punitive damages.  See posts here and here.  This is the largest punitive damage award in any class action lawsuit, I am told.  Novartis,