Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals

In a recent unpublished decision, the Fifth Circuit reversed the grant of summary judgment in favor of the employer. Monica Hague formerly worked for the University of Texas Health Science Center t San Antonio. Ms. Hague worked in the Emergency Health Services Department. She worked on a contract basis for a set time period. Her contract

People like to joke about a "hostile work environment."  But, what is an actual hostile work environment?  Essentially, hostile work environment means the discrimination is perpetrated by co-workers, not by supervisors.  A finding of a hostile work environment requires that 1) the employee belong to a protected group, 2) s/he was subjected to unwelcome harassment

I have talked here about how a judge’s personal background will affect his/her judicial opinions.  Now, it seems one judge’s personal beliefs may reveal her own motivations.  Judge Edith Jones, once considered for appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court, has regularly affirmed dismissals and summary judgments in discrimination cases.  She has expressed some impatience with

Judges are usually very polite in the courtroom.  A few are cantakerous and pushy.  A very small percentage are outright abusive and tyrannical.  US District Judge McBryde in Ft. Worth is notorious for issues.  He was suspended from "judging" in 1996 for a year by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.  An unheard of sanction