Medal of Honor winner Dakota Meyer has dropped his lawsuit against BAE Systems OASYS.  They have reached a settlement.  See San Antonio Express News report.  The terms of the settlement have not been released.  It is routine in employment related cases to make the terms of any settlement agreement confidential. 

Every lawsuit has another side.  Now, we hear from Dakota Meyer’s former supervisor at BAE Systems OASYS Inc.  Bobby McCreight, Mr. Meyer’s former boss, filed his Answer to Medal of Honor winner Dakota Meyer’s lawsuit.  Mr. Meyer’s lawsuit accuses Mr. McCreight of defaming Mr. Meyer and costing him a new job.  Mr. Meyer had applied

Defamation is hard to win in Texas.  See my prior post about a recent defamation case here in San Antonio.  This nurse had what should have been good evidence, yet she lost.  Employers enjoy a "qualified privilege" in Texas.  That means the employee must show actual malice by the employer.  Dakota Meyer, a very recent