The Americans with Disabilities Act requires all businesses and governments to make their facilities accessible to persons with disabilities. That includes deaf persons. What do hearing impaired persons need to access your facility? Well, they might need an American Sign Language interpreter. If a hearing impaired person requests an ASL interpreter, every business and every

The ADA Amendments Act was passed in 2009. Since then, courts have addressed more fundamental questions about disability claims, such as what are the essential functions of a job and how can they be accommodated? On one such case, Perez v. Sprint/United Management Co., 2013 WL 6970898, No. 12-CV-3161 (N.D. Ga 12/19/2013), the court

So, at least in the Fifth Circuit, sidewalks are now a "service" of the city such that the city must make sidewalks accessible to persons with disabiliuties.  The Fifth Circuit so ruled in the case of Frame v. City of Arlington.  The district court had dismssed the plaintffs’ suit because, said the court, the

Public facilities must be accessible to persons with disabilities regardless of age of the structure. But, if the structure dates to before 1990 and has not been substantially modified since 1990, then accessible features must be “readily achievable.” City sidewalks are a significant issue.
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