A large California law firm known as Buchalter has been sued for sexual harassment. A former legal analyst in the products liability section claims her boss, Gary Wolensky, made frequent sexual jokes. Mr. Wolensky, the chair of the products liability department, used sexually harassing acronyms in emails. But, he also discarded acronyms for something more direct. In one email, he asked the legal analyst, Karen Hurdle, “Karen, could you type up something for Jan and then give me a blow job please? Thanks!!” According to Ms. Hurdle’s suit, during one training session on sexual harassment, Mr. Wolensky joked, “Why do I need sexual harassment training? I have insurance.” Ms. Hurdle claims law firm management laughed at his joke.

Later, Wolensky expressed annoyance when Ms. Hurdle needed time off for a second surgery. When she indicated that she did not wish to be humiliated again, Mr. Wolensky asked if that was a threat, after every thing he had done for her. He told her it was time they parted ways. Later, Ms. Hurdle went out on medical leave. See ABA Bar Journal report here.

Yes, Mr. Wolensky has left us a good example of how not to accept sexual harassment training.