This lawsuit against Pres. Trump for inciting violence against protesters continues to turn strange. A man known for espousing white supremacy has counter-sued the three protesters and has accused then candidate Trump of directing him and other supporters to remove the protesters. See Politico report. Matthew Heimbach states in his legal pleading that he acted pursuant to the directives and requests of Donald Trump and of the Donald Trump campaign.

Mr. Heimbach is a leader in the white supremacy group, Traditionalist Youth Network. He is acting as his own lawyer in the lawsuit. He asks that any liability for the physical assaults be assigned to the Trump campaign or to Mr. Trump himself. While blaming Mr. Trump, he also states he acted in self-defense or in defense of others. He claims the protesters should not have attempted to disrupt a free assembly and impinge on the rights of others. He claims he relied on the expertise of Donald Trump, a “world famous businessman,” in responding to the protests.

Mr. Heimbach’s pleading is likely his answer to the lawsuit. It sounds like he did indeed rely on Mr. Trump’s guidance. That will not bode well for Pres. Trump’s defense. There are reasons why persons in position of authority in public places are careful about what they say. .