Sexual harassment was so common at Fox News that it often went unreported. See Alisyn Camerota’s account. She worked for Fox News for years and now works for CNN. So, she has a platform to speak freely. When she was still new at Fox News, Roger Ailes offered to help her move up in the ranks. But, she would first have to work very closely with him, away from the office, at a hotel. She understood his meaning very well. She describes him today as at times, charming and charismatic. He could also be a bully. She declined his offer. At the time, a single woman, she feared this was the end of her career.

In ten years, she rose as far as being the weekend anchor for Fox News. She left Fox in 2014 for CNN. She told no one about the Fox News CEO’s “offer.” She was embarrassed by the incident. Most women do not report these incidents. Toward the end of her time at Fox, she refused to go into Roger Ailes’ office.

Look at the column by Elaine Ayala in the San Antonio Express News. See that column here. Ms. Ayala recounts the stories of six different women in the San Antonio area, all of whom experienced blatant sexual harassment. Like Ms. Camerota, most chose not to report the incidents. One woman, working at gym, reported harassment by a patron and was told by her male manager to smile more.

in a survey by Cosmopolitan magazine, they found 75% of 2000 working women had been harassed due to their gender. In another study by the University of Colorado, researchers found that women were too afraid to complain. See CBS News report. Yes, sexual harassment is too common.